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RP 915

Location: Sateurs
TV, Ceiling Fan, View, Close to shops, Near watersports, Near Beach, Near Water Sports

Sale Price: 
1,200,000.00 USD

Parish: St. Patrick

Property Description

Almost Paradise

A fitting name for a breathtaking site!  Superbly located at Mt. Alexander, St. Patrick’s – this gem comprises a strategically located plot of land on which four (4) residential /commercial buildings are constructed. This property is located on the Prospect main road which is approximately one (1) kilometer west of the Fond Athletic facilities, Sauteurs. 

The building plot is located on the windward side of a hillside lot (25.150 sq.ft.) which slopes northeastwards towards the sea. It is bounded on the north, east, and west by undeveloped residential property and on the south by the Prospect main road. 

The buildings are a mix of single storey and 1½ storey configuration. They are constructed of reinforced concrete foundations, timber floors, timber walls and structural timber roof covered with galvanized sheets on plywood ceiling.  

Restaurant Building: this measures an area of 32’-0” by 32’0” (single storey) 

Dining room with bench all around the sitting area, 5 locally-designed mahogany tables with 13 chairs (seating at tables for 25). Open for breeze and view to three sides (North, east and west).  There are two (2) washrooms with hand basin and toilet. Mahogany bar with 5 locally-designed stools, well stocked, drinks cooler, large chest freezer, beer on tap. Kitchen contains all necessary equipment for a restaurant, two fridges with freezers, two stoves with ovens etc. The whole area is tiled with natural stone tiles. 

There are two (2) Cottage buildings each measuring 32’-0” by 28’0” (1 ½ storey) 

1 ½ storey building with two units side by side, each with private tiled outdoor shower, tiled kitchen or kitchenette, mahogany kitchen bar with 4 hardwood barstools, tiled washroom, living room with futon, steps up to the loft bedroom with queen size bed. Large balcony with hardwood table and four chairs and hammock. Fan over the bed. 

One (1) Cottage / Apartment building measuring 56’-0” by 23’-0”   (1 ½ storey) 

1 ½  storey building, entrances from the top floor to storage-room, laundry room, and two units with private outdoor shower, washroom with hand basin and toilet (tiled floor), loft bedroom with double bed and small fan. Downstairs living room boasts wooden floor, cozy sitting area with cane furniture, kitchenette and balcony with sitting area. Entrance from the balcony, two rooms (one on each end of building), sitting area with wooden floor, cane furniture, bathroom and private outdoor shower tiled.  Double bed with ceiling fan.

Solar panels are utilized as a new facility to provide a supply of electricity used mostly for lighting system, fans, coolers, and music system in restaurant. Propane heaters are in use for heating the water in the showers. Seven new 1000 gallon water tanks, inclusive of pumps, suitable for storing potable water have been installed as a rainwater system on the property besides the mains water. 

FUTURE DEVELOPMENT: The indications are that the locality will continue to attract high income dwelling houses and resort facilities as it continues to develop into a desirable residential suburb. The proximity of extensive beaches and resort potential lands will influence the level of real estate prices in the foreseeable future. 

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  -  Special Features
    .  View
    .  Near Beach

  -  General Information
    .  Ceiling Fan

  -  Additional Amenities
    .  Close to shops
    .  Near watersports
    .  Near Water Sports