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RG 514

Location: Mt. Moritz
3 Bedrooms,  2 Baths, Close to schools

Land Area: 1ac. 3Rds. 22Pls sq. ft.

Sale Price: 
385,000.00 USD

Parish: St. George

Property Description

Newly renovated residence at Mt. Moritz...

Ideally suited to the buyer who seeks peace and tranquilityThis building boasts of a two (2) bedroom, one bathroom full residence with front patio on the upper floor, and a single bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and patio on the ground floor.Habor, hills, mountains, all within the scenic panoramic scope of these premises. All this and  1acre, 3Rds , 22 Pls, of well  landscaped / cultivated / indigenous land.

Property Details

Newly renovated residence at Mt. Moritz...


  -  Additional Amenities
    .  Close to schools

Other Amenities:

Land Area:      1ac. 3Rds. 22Pls sq. ft.